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  • About Us

    About Us

    Regal India Tour Company, a distinguished name in the travel industry, has been orchestrating extraordinary journeys for travelers since its inception. With a passionate team driven by wanderlust, they create immersive travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, turning dreams into cherished memories.

    Regal India's commitment to personalized attention sets them apart. They take the time to understand your interests and preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your journey resonates with your desires, making it truly your own.

    Why Choose us

    If you are planning a tailor-made holiday to India, you are in for an unforgettable adventure. This magnificent and mysterious land is full of colour and diversity, offering a wealth of experiences for every traveller. From spectacular temple complexes and grand mosques to historic churches and abandoned cities, India is a rich panorama oflife untouched by the passing oftime. With remote indigenous communities and princely forts and palaces, every corner ofIndia offers a new and exciting discovery. Let us help you to create the perfecttailor-made holiday to India and explore this wonderful land in a way that suits your interests and style.

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